Testing Services

Testing Services

Testing services help customers to apply best practices, industry standard methodologies, tools and implement automation effectively to achieve the optimum return on their investments and also to get your products to market faster. Testing provide execution of a software components to performs its functions at lower risk of its failure to users.
We offer end-to-end test automation services from automation planning to tool selection and script development to test execution monitoring and reporting for a wide variety of equipment and network interfaces.

Services we offer:

Testing Services
  • White box testing : This testing involves internal logic of application code, as opposed to its functionality, it involves internal perspective of the system as well as programming skills, are used to design test cases.

  • Black box testing : This type of testing can be functional or non-functional based on functionalities without any knowledge of internal implementation and source code. Testing is done thorough test cases which are built around specifications and requirements what the application is supposed to do.

  • Visual Testing : Visual testing is required to provide information showing developer problems of software failure by presenting the data. Visual testing requires the recording of everything that occurs on the test system in video.

  • Grey-box testing: Grey-box testing involves modifying a back-end data such as a database or a log file; it requires knowledge of internal data structures and algorithms for purposes of designing tests, while executing those tests at the user.