Cloud Services

Cloud Services

Cloud Application Services provides you to benefit through transformation initiatives around cloud leverage. We work with you to build, execute and manage your services using cloud optimised service delivery architectures.
To keep pace with the competition and to meet business needs, information technology (IT) infrastructure needs to be automated, flexible and scalable. Unfortunately, traditional IT systems do not possess these qualities, thereby creating a challenging scenario for companies that want to stay competitive. Based on analysis of business goals and requirement we have developed and execute a customized strategy to use cloud for revenue and growth.
Cloud Services provide increased operational and financial flexibility and reduced maintenance and support. Cloud offers the ability to source, scale and deliver computing capacity. With a public, private or hybrid cloud, enterprises are able to better respond to the changing needs of the business and create new services to improve performance.

Our Cloud Services provides:

  • New business strategies.
  • Faster delivery in services and products.
  • Strategically Good customer relationship.
  • Access to new services to improve business process.
  • Transform responsive IT development and infrastructure.

Services we offer:

Cloud Services
  • Cloud Consulting services: Cloud consulting services help customers to evaluate the cloud as part of their IT delivery strategy, this help aligns the cloud computing strategy with the company‚Äôs overall business strategy. Here applications can be migrated to the cloud, and identify which target operating models, processes, and technology are required for using the cloud.

  • Cloud Management and Operations: We involve different application management layers like transition management, project management, scope change management, quality management, service level agreement management etc. across software activities. Our application management increases the overall reliability, accessibility, performance and effectiveness of applications.

  • Cloud Migration Services: Cloud used for application migrations for quicker implementation, by this process we optimize agility, security, performance and costs for our clients. Cloud help to enable migration of customers from existing environments to public cloud.

  • Cloud Strategy Services: Cloud has revolutionized businesses work .Our approach towards cloud computing, which is of great strategic interest for us, is centered on building and delivering competency and a domain-based set of service delivery models. Thus, cloud strategy helps to enable growth for company and organization.